Aleesha P.

Astronaut, Nobel Prize Winner, Roller Coaster Aficionado. None of those things. 

I suppose to define this blog is the same as to ask what is in the bottom kitchen draw. It's full of all the miscelaneous bits and bobs that make up mum life, that are essential, but un-file-able. 

To ask about me is equally muddy. I have a BA/Bed in Secondary and Middle Years (teaching), my BA is in English, Drama and Chinese language. I grew up in Queensland, moved to Sydney, London, back to QLD, to Auckland, Adelaide, the Gold Coast and now am living in Beijing. Despite how this sounds, I am not on the run from the police. Just married to someone who works in a mad industry. 

I help run The Smile Factory Film  and do my best at being a good wife and mum to the three best humans I've ever known. 

If you want to get in touch about working together email me → 


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