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Wrap Music

Remember the good old days when Pinterest didn’t exist and gift wrapping meant, quite literally that: wrapping a gift. These days it’s a competitive art. We’ve all got that friend who shows up to the baby shower with their Da-Vinci-esque present that they claim to have spent no time wrapping. I can sense the smirky-smiles on your faces reading that.

Anyway, this year I determined to meet the bell curve of paper artists halfway. I’m not popping out anything from Martha Stewart, but it’s not my usual $2 shop slap-together either. (Thanks to both sides of the family doing Kris Kringle) I’ve got less presents to wrap and more energy to do so.

So here’s what I did. You can do it too.

You know those internet discoveries that blow your mind and completely change the game? eBay was one, Myspace was one, Facebook is one, Pinterest is one. My latest favourite (after eBay – it would take something huge to ever knock that one off it’s perch) is Dafont.

It sounds so gangster “Dafont”, say it with me and put your arms out in front of you holding a Salt ‘n’ Pepper pose. “Dafont” Feels good hey?Anyway it’s basically a website full of infinite fonts that are free to download. I downloaded Budmo and a Christmas one for my labels.

Name labels are the thing I forget to buy every year, and often find myself on Christmas eve scrounging around the back of my mum’s linen cupboard looking for leftovers from last year. Not this year my friends, not this year.

You don’t have to be an expert at photoshop to DIY labels, download your favourite font, there are decorative banners too, and get creative as you like (I was trying to beat nap time before I had finished and had to explain that mummy is actually Santa) ahem, I went for the minimalistic approach…I bought the brown card stock from ebay a couple of weeks ago for some baby-shower invitations I was making and had some left over. And because my wrapping paper was already brownish found an old Christmas card that I chopped up to lighten the mood. (I buy them with the intention to send them out. But then I don’t. It’s the thought, right?)

Then I found a roll of wrapping paper, some scrapbooking red paper that I bought in a pad two years ago and am still going with, (because I don’t actually scrapbook), some kitchen string and I cut a piece of our real christmas tree and Bob’s your monkey’s uncle. There you go.

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