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Baby Shower 101

If life could be measured in celebrations it would be this: Your first few birthdays, (which you never remember), your fifth or sixth birthday which (in the olden days) was probably at McDonalds, and you probably had one of those ice-cream cakes, then primary school graduation, school formals (and after-parties), eighteenths, twenty-firsts, bridal showers, thirtieth birthdays, baby showers, and then mainly just decades after that (50th, 60th, 70th, 80th, 90th, 100th). You get my point.

Anyway, remember the first time you went to one of those birthday parties? The first time you experienced a pass the parcel. This is getting long-winded. Basically, throwing/going to a baby shower for the first time can be semi awkward. Maybe you didn’t realise, they open the presents in front of EVERYONE. Yeah I know.

So if you’re throwing a baby shower for the first time (or maybe the fifteenth and you’ve just been winging it til now) here are the five most important things you need to know.

1. Invitations.

Make the invitations look good. I don’t know how else to say it. It doesn’t take too much effort to go to dafont download a few swanky fonts and make something look totes amaze. I bought this brown card from ebay, it worked out as 60c a sheet, and I fit four to a page. That’s essentially 15c for an invitation that looks like it’s from etsy (if I do say so myself).

I also ran the top of the invitation through the sewing machine on a zig zag stitch. Cool huh?

2. Catering.

If you’re like me and you’ve got a friend with killer catering skills then you’re in luck. In my opinion 3pm is the perfect time for a party; people aren’t starving and afternoon tea can look really pretty.

So my friend Danielle made a feast, arancini balls, mushroom voulavants, mini pavlovas with lemon curd, tomato pizza bread, salted caramel cake, pigs in blankets. The gal’s an Italian machine.

It was all finger food and easy to walk around with as well as maintain conversation. Tres important.

3. Games

Some mums-to-be don’t want games, and depending on the size of your baby shower, maybe it’s not practical. But if you’ve got anywhere between 4-44 people you can make it work.

At this party, I ran the games, and I decided to get people to get into teams of three: it’s a good ice-breaker for people who don’t know many others and could feel awkward standing in front of a crowd of strangers, chugging a bottle (I’ll come to that in a minute).

We played four games, and teams got points for each game.

The first game was name that baby animal. I found an answer sheet from this site

Every team was given a sheet of paper and a pen and the scribe wrote down their answers.

The second game was chug the bottle. Each team nominated a member to compete in skulling a bottle. I’ve played this game before with milk and whilst it was harder to swallow it was apparently easier to get out of the bottle than water.

The third game was The Price is Right.

I came up with a list of 10 supermarket items and got prices for each of them and teams had to guess the price of each item. If their total at the end was closest to mine they won.

There were six teams at this baby shower, and so I gave the winner six points all the way down to the team who came last, one point.

You could do this with a local catalogue using items like:

Nappies Nappy Sacks Nappy cream Teething gel Formula Wondersuits Wipes Dummies Bubble Bath Baby Powder

The fourth game was Designer Diapers. Teams had to create a toilet paper diaper for one team member that met the brief: stylish. We had Vacay Baby, Utility Baby and lots more, teams gave explanations on their designs and were judged by the grandmother of the bebe.

4. Presents

It’s at the discretion of the mum to be, as to whether or not she wants to open gifts in front of everyone. Most times they do, and if you’re the host it’s a good idea to sit next to the mum and note down who gave what, for memory’s sake.

5. Thanks

This is also in the ball-court of the mum to be: Whether or not she wants to give take home gifts. At my most recent baby shower I made jam jars for everyone who came.

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