• Thomas Price

The Secret of the Potato Stamp

If you follow me on instagram you would’ve seen a couple of weeks ago that I had an epiphany, (well an e-pinterest-y) of how potato stamps, (like the ones on Play School) are always so dang perfect. It’s a cookie cutter! All this time, I’ve been flexing my carving skill muscles, turning out unidentifiable shapes, and now, it’s like the veil has been taken off my eyes. Well, more like it’s been taken off everyone else’s, cause now it’s obvious what my shapes actually are…

Anyway, all you need to do is, dig the cutter into the potato as deep as you can. Then slide around it with your knife and bob’s your monkey’s uncle.

Perfect flowers.

Not just perfect flowers, but perfect wrapping paper! Not all ahem ‘art’ (let’s be honest not everything a toddler touches with a paintbrush can be classified as art) nor does it have to hang from your fridge or be snuck into the bin. Grandparents love this stuff, am I right?!

My mum’s birthday is in a couple of weeks so we bought her a gift, dried out this painting and wrapped it up. I used a page of scrap-booking paper as well as a ribbon I had in a craft box to jazz it up.

What else do you do with your kids’ art?

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