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Tooty-Fruity Necklaces

A little while ago I saw something on Pinterest about how to entertain your kids while you shop. It was a lolly necklace. Now, I don’t know about your kids, but if I gave my kids a whole necklace of lollies, I would be peeling tongues off the freezer, well tongue, thankfully only one of them has the agility to get their tongue onto the freezer at this point, but you get my drift. There is no way that giving them a string of sweets would make my shopping experience any more pleasant.

Anyway Fat Mum Slim is having a competition for the most creative way to eat grapes at the moment, so I took the necklace idea and swapped the sweets for fruit.(I’m becoming one of those crazy competition ladies… you’ll no doubt see me on A Current Affair in a couple of years with a house full of goods I’ve poured all my time in to winning with no actual use for).

All you need is some grapes, or any other thread-able fruit, some cotton (just make sure it’s not too heavy and cutting into their neck – or put a piece of felt or cotton ball under the back to hold the weight) and a needle for threading.

Thread the grapes on, tie it up and she’s done. Someone on my instagram suggested to thread one red one green grape for patterns, I loved that idea, however unfortunately I don’t love red grapes and never buy them. Haha. But if you do, by all means go it.

Bonus, she scoffed it in about two minutes. Maybe I should make a necklace out of carrots, spinach and other veggies…

Have you got a sneaky way to get more fruit and veg into your babes diet?

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