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St Valentine's

Think of it what you will, I’m all for any celebration making it OK to have chocolate before breakfast. Valentines day is also my mums birthday, so as kids that’s what we celebrated in our house (except for one year in year 5, when I bought a boy in my class a rose from the $2 store that accidentally turned out to be perfume an a g-string – that was embarrassing – don’t worry he never got it). I was an awkward kid.

Last year Indi and I made a sign and some biscuits for my husband for Vallie’s day

Look how little she was!

However, after ACTUALLY decorating biscuits with her this year, I remembered that in fact she must’ve had very little to do with the making of last year’s cookies.


So this year we’ve gone for a ‘rustic’ theme of gift giving. For those nay-sayers who bang on about Valentines day being an excuse for card companies to generate extra revenue, live a little to start with, and secondly this cost me next to nicks, and gave me a whole afternoon of toddler focused, engaging activities.

I baked the cookies while she was still asleep, because I knew that to maintain concentration for the amount of things I had planned, I would need to have everything set up ready to go and we could hit each station bang bang bang.

I just found a simple biscuit recipe on taste.com halved it, and made a batch of royal icing (250g icing sugar + 1 egg white) then separated that in half and coloured one lot with food colouring.

About halfway through she tasted the sprinkles and the wheels started to come off a bit (mainly when she was shoveling spoonfuls of hundreds and thousands down her neck). Anyway, we got there in the end.

I bought a mug from IKEA for about $3, with removable insert a little while ago. I wasn’t 100% sure what I was going to do with it, but thought it would be a good gift. But then I started using it… however seeing as though technically once we give it to my husband on Sunday it will be going straight back in to the cupboard from whence it came, I have justified it as an appropriate gift.(Don’t freak out I don’t usually give presents from my used glasses cupboard, it’s from my two year old to her dad. Neither interested part give a rats'). Indi drew with textas (did someone say special treat!?) onto a piece of paper that I measured to fit inside. Apparently it was a diamond window and a road. The kid’s got an imagination on her that’s for sure.

And we placed it into a box I already had.

The final element was the card. It was originally supposed to say ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ however due to a creative disagreement (between her and I). We only managed to get ‘Happy’ down on the paper. Hot tip, if you’re planning on making a sign like this, either hole punch twice across the top, so there’s room for your twine to go in and out and keep everything facing forward, OR do like I did, and put a bit of glue in the corner of each letter.

Happy Valentines day lovers. I don’t know what we’re celebrating, and I don’t care. Just make sure, if no one else does, that you buy yourself a nice chunk o’ choccie to celebrate,

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