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Party Food Menu

Yesterday we had an afternoon tea with cousins and aunties, uncles, grandparents, and great grandparents at our house. The first birthday party in Queensland, and it was lovely.

Party food ain’t what it used to be. Remember, in the 90s, when you would go to someone’s birthday party and it would be perfectly plausible to have a table just of lollies, with nothing else but cheerios and fairy bread to eat? Ahh the good old days. Before we knew what went into cheerios, or that white bread wasn’t a ‘healthy choice’.

Anyway, I sat down about a week ago with all my kid’s party food books and went through with post-it notes and a shopping list and penned out my list.

Last year I got away with a fruit-only-watermelon-cake but this year she was on to me, and I was given instructions from about a month ago. The cake had to have marshmallow, sprinkles, blueberries and jellybeans. So I made a giant coconut-ice marshmallow on a biscuit base with sprinkles, and blueberries on top, with jellybeans around it. Boxes ticked.

Anyway this was our menu, and it worked well, and I’ll no doubt do it again for future parties.

  • Chocolate brownies

  • White chocolate dipped strawberries

  • Sausage rolls

  • Lollipop Cookies (not exactly a raging success, but eaten nonetheless)

  • Cheese platter – obvs I didn’t make the cheese, but I threw it together, and who cares about the rest

  • Popcorn

  • And Baked Strawberry Cheesecake’s in puff pastry. Super easy, and unfortunately I don’t have any photos but all it is, is baked cheesecake mix, wrapped up in pastry and in the oven for 15 minutes, with a strawberry and some icing sugar and next minute everyone thinks you are Nigella herself.

Happy Birthday Doll

How good is a menu that adults like too? Anyway, this is as much of a reference to me, for the next birthday party as it can be for you.

Also I can’t believe my baby is three.


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