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New Life

Not ‘new life’ as in a pregnancy announcement. No need to expect one of those from me in the future, actually ever again… I should have been less vague and called this post ‘my new life’. Let me start again.MyNew Life.

Since I blogged last I have moved states, finished building our house (not with my hands, we paid someone to do it), become entirely self-employed (well technically 50% as me and my husband are joint co-directors of our company) ok this sounds braggy, but it’s not meant to be. I’m just trying to explain my hiatus in writing, I’ve had a bit on.

Let me rewind. Cue sound effect.Before June 15 2015, we lived in Adelaide, which was incredible, we had amazing friends (who I adore and miss dearly) and my husband had a permanent job, in an industry that gives out permanent positions less than Kanye gives out smiles. But he got one, three years ago, when we were in New Zealand, in a spot of bother, and needed money and consistency, and had a six week old baby. It was just what we needed. But then we had another baby and wanted our kids to have cousins and grandparents, and started planning out how the heckles we were gonna do that without me having to go back to full time teaching, put the kids in daycare, five days a week and Tom having to freelance and fly away for months at a time.

So we came up with The Smile Factory Film, and built it. Initially accidentally, but it was something that opened up doors for us that allowed us to create the life we dreamed of.

You know all those quotes like: ‘Love the life you live!’ and ‘Enjoy today, because today is your life’? And they are more often than not, chanted by unusually fit, mid-thirty to sixty year olds, who assumedly live in pristine houses and don’t have body odour? Needless to say definitely don’t have small children, a washing basket that delves so deep it touches the core of the earth, and adult clothing with in-descript stains that have no back-story (HOW DID THIS GET HERE!?) Regardless of all the aforementioned, I feel like I could stand beside any ‘life-coach’ (this profession is the source of endless amusement for me) and confidently join their awkward mantras. It’s been a lot of late nights, juggling toddlers between ourselves whilst trying to sound semi-professional on business calls, tears, stress headaches, hard work and planning. But I feel like it’s starting to pay off. I feel like I genuinely love the life I live.

Tonight we sat down as a family and ate dinner together, something that rarely used to happen thanks to overtime, in a house that is ours and we looked out into our backyard. It was a spectacular moment of realisation.

Please don’t read this and think, ‘shut up we don’t want to hear you brag Jodhi Meares’ (see previous post for that reference). Because I have really struggled with whether or not there is any point to writing this. I just wanted a catch up, before I swing back into recipes and craft and you’re not like, ‘hey, who are you again?!’

It’s me. Thanks for reading.

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