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What's the point of it all?

What's the point of it all? This blog not life. I don't have brain capacity for that rn.

My husband is on holidays (Chinese New Year - we have basically had two Christmases (Christmasi?) this year, so I have double the post Christmas bod courtesy of too many celebrations, blame it on the equator.

Christmas Fifty-six

I wish this was an exaggeration.

On a positive side I'm in the Northern hemisphere now and am back to winter, so have just been handed a 6 month pass on my summer body deadline) I digress - actually quite severely that time. Because he's on holidays, I have time to do things, like have a shower, brush my teeth, and more importantly update my blog.

I suppose in a way (digressing as I just did) proves my point, about the point, what is the point? I think, when I started this blog someone just had said to me 'you should blog' and I put very little thought into the philosophy of it and it merely became the dump for where I unloaded the ramblings of my brain. So much so that people say things I have written and it genuinely sounds like new information to me. In fairness the infancy of this blog was birthed during the infancy of possibly one of the most difficult babies in history (my second) and I functioned on a strict diet of jam sam crusts and coffee for about fifteen months. Autopilot was my only setting and thanks to typing 'the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog' one thousand times in year six, my fingers knew what to do. Thinking back now, what was our teacher doing while we typed that? That is like five straight days of typing on a black and green screen computer for a bunch of eleven year olds.

Ok so the point, we'll get there. What is the point of my blog? I did a blogging course a couple of years ago. Actually I won a scholarship to do this. Do you guys remember this video? Another thing I had all but forgotten, look how little and cute my kids were. Gush.

And the course asked us: Why do people want to read your blog? Who is your target reader? What are your stats? How many thousand subscribers are you growing by every week (?!?) And a whole lot of girl boss questions that would be fabulous if my goal was to monetise my blog (I think for a while there I thought it was, and then I got anxiety about making sure that my content was perfect enough to publish that I just stopped altogether). Because I had lost sight of why I initially started this.

I love to write, I love words, I love the word languid. I think that's my favourite. But I made this website that I can look back on, and hopefully one day my kids will look back on (and forgive me for telling everyone that they pooed on the windowsill). But I think my main objective is to laugh. It always has been, ask my school teachers (except for the one during that typing lesson because she obviously was completely oblivious to her class), but I've always loved to make people laugh. When I was in year seven I was chosen to represent my school on the TV game-show Wipeout, and they asked me what I liked doing. Literally this is what happened:

"So Aleesha, it says here that your favourite thing to do is make people laugh, is that right?" Someone Daddo the presenter - I googled this and could not find it!

*Awkward pre-pubescent, stage-fright stare down the camera, with a little, forced, half smirk* me

"Can you tell us something to make us laugh now?"

"No" me.

"Ok, maybe later in the show.

*Stares down camera and shakes head* also me.

Are you laughing? See I was going for the long game. I knew that almost two decades later it would get a giggle. I've spent the meantime with my head hung in utter shame and forbode my mother from showing the VHS to anyone, but I've finally accepted it.There's something powerful about laughing, and there's also something powerful about feeling like you're not alone. Being a stay at home mum with little kids can feel isolating at the best of time, so that's why I wanted to create a space, where we can all laugh at the ridiculousness of being someone's mum, and do it together.

Please tell me this does that for you?

So to answer the questions: My ideal reader is you! Who ever you are, wherever you are, whatever stage of life you are in. I don't even care about my stats, to be honest I'm shocked that people read this garbage, but thankful all the same. When I see my stats I just assume that my mum is refreshing her computer hundreds of times, and I'm totally ok with that.

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